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Kris von Kleist


Running into some boreal forest animal, like moose, black bears, wolves, was pretty likely just by walking to my bus stop. Nature has the majority in the Ear Falls population density.
These roots grew a discovered obsession to connect and help express the continued expansion of human nature. This obsession was explored by collaborating with others to create narratives, perspectives & emotions that were not easily found or tapped into on mainstream media.
After graduating from an intimate film production program in Thunder Bay, ON, I experienced working on various independent film sets, tv productions and gained insight on what it means to be a resourceful and eco-sustainable creator.
It’s been quite the ride to now find myself rooted as a lead media producer within Stratford’s, York Lane Art Collective, a platform for artists of any discipline to connect, create and evolve.
Since living in Stratford, Ontario, I’ve grown my inner passions through the art of filmmaking, acting & producing.
My independently produced filmography is an interesting list of productions where the majority are improvised, one of which brought me and my team to a film finalist competition in LA, California.
I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many talented artists over the last few years, which excites me to continue exploring this infinite road of filmmaking and media

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