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The initial intentions of York Lane Art Collective were to open it like a Pop-Up space, with no foreseeable timeline as to how long it would last. With the hopes of creating a vibe in the arts community of Stratford, Claire commenced YLAC with a solo show with intentions to create a buzz and get more artists collectively connected. This solo show included over 30 paintings (many inspired by her travels) and a new line of 11 designs for her past clothing line (Eyze by Claire).

This opening show brought hundreds of people through in its first full month. With the inspiration for making more opportunities for artists to express themselves, and avid interest in collaboration, Claire opened the second show in December 2017 curating work of 11 local female artists and thus YLAC really took off.

Artists and musicians started showing up right away and started volunteering their time to help make shows come to life.
YLAC established itself as a volunteer-run, creative art space for artists to express themselves, collaborate with others, and fuel inspiration. Sometimes a gallery, sometimes a concert, YLAC became an ever-evolving space where disciplines were practiced, experienced and expressed.

Read more about Claire and her creative journey by visiting her website:

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