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Updated as of March 21st 2021

The Community Movie Making Project (CMMP) is formed of a group of artists with the mission to bring people together through the art of filmmaking. With the collaboration and help of community members, small businesses, Stratford and the surrounding area; we aim to bring a culmination of two annual short film reels we coined the ‘Spooky Weird Shorts’ released around Halloween, and the ‘Holiday Arts Reel’ released closer to the Winter Holiday season, as well as some super fun projects sprinkled throughout.

Within these projects our intent / mission is to feature local artists ranging from musicians, dancers, artists, actors, filmmakers, writers, and anyone that has a talent that needs to be shared.

Filmmaking is a fabulous medium for the modern age. Engaging people of all ages near and far, film helps bring us together in a new and creative way. CMMP is an inclusive space where you can not only express yourself, but we will ALSO help give you the tools and/or help to elevate it on multiple platforms. Check out our call for submissions below to submit a treatment, partake in our Writers Room and prep for this years movie releases. Not sure if you have a talent? Maybe you’d like to be involved on the crew or help us fundraise to create more opportunities for future projects. If you're interested in ways to get involved, please email us at


Calling all of you writers that have always thought ‘Oh I have such a great idea for a movie! Now is your chance and York Lane Art Collective wants to give you the opportunity to bring your ideas to life. We are looking for submissions of treatments that will eventually be created into movies! What’s a treatment you might ask? Check this website out for some great advice CLICK HERE

The theme of the treatment is L-O-V-E. That’s right, love. Any genre is acceptable, but keep in mind we have a limited budget, potential COVID issues and a small crew working on this so while our imaginations can soar we do need to keep it reasonable. Also keep in mind, less is more! Treatments should be no more than a page in length, single spaced. Get creative but let’s keep it PG-13 folks. Treatments that are selected for production will be shot in Stratford or the surrounding area, so unfortunately no tropical beaches unless the Avon counts ;)

Along with your treatment, please provide a tagline for the potential movie and  let us know why your script should be chosen to be made into a movie!

On April 9th a panel of judges will convene to decide the 3 winning treatments that will then be revised and created into scripts and then movies. To submit your treatment please fill out the form below.

If one of your submissions is chosen, be prepared to meet with the producers to go over the script and collaborate to create this into a movie. We will set-up a date to have a phone or zoom call to discuss the next steps for the script.

This is a collaborative project, changes may be made in order to make the story in to a short film. "Flexibility is key in a team setting."

You can submit a treatment from any where, though the production of the story will take place in Stratford, Ontario.

Each submission is allowed up to 3 different treatments that must be formatted into 1 PDF per upload.

Any additional treatments after this point must be submitted as a separate upload and transaction.

*ALL fees for this project are in place for labour costs to help support this production. We count on funds such as these to pay for our expertise, equipment, marketing and props for production. Thank you for your creativity and contribution.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: April 30th 2021 @ $20

Writers Submission Form

Submit now, before April 30th 20201 for the

price of $20 (CA)


Upload PDF File

Congrats on your submission! We are stoked & honoured to read what you have in store.
Best Vibes & Happy Creating!

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